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Grand Prix


The goal of the Anniston Runners Grand Prix is to recognize consistent performances by ARC members in the local race circuit. A secondary purpose of the Grand Prix series is to increase participation in area races and to increase membership in the Anniston Runners Club. Runners competing in this year's Grand Prix will receive points based upon their finish in designated races. Prizes/awards will be awarded to the top male and female age group runners at the end of year ARC banquet.

What is the Anniston Runners Grand Prix?

The Anniston Runners Grand Prix is a series of road races that are held throughout the area of Northeast Alabama. The majority of the events are held in Anniston/Jacksonville area with a few events being "At Large". There are 14 area races that are included in this Grand Prix. These races were selected by club members through popular vote. Basis for voting may include (but not limited ) to the following: consistent history for producing top performances, quality of race design and support, discounts to Anniston Runners members, past event size, time of year, and race location. With regard to location, every effort was made to include a variety of races from Anniston and surrounding areas. The Anniston Runners Grand Prix is sponsored by the Anniston Runners Club and open to the public. However, only active/paid ARC members will be eligible for point accumulation, prizes, and year-end awards. If you are not an Anniston Runners Club member, join now and become a part of the Grand Prix competition! 

Are you an ARC member and want to participate in the 2017 Grand Prix?

Please fill out the 2017 Grand Prix Participation Form and return to either the email address or the physical address listed on the form.  Once the form is received and you are registered as a current member in Runsignup, your name will be added to the Grand Prix. 

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